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Fredonia Hill Rotary Club and CPS host party to find families for kids eligible for adoption


November is National Adoption Month and organizations in Nacogdoches are doing their part in helping kids in need find homes.

26 families gathered at the New Hope Congregational Methodist Church in Nacogdoches to spend time with 32 children in need of a home.

"The idea is we get the families together and let them play with and see children that are available to see if there is someone they'd be interested in adopting," said Ginny Judson, Permanency Practitioner.

 The Fredonia Hill Rotary Club partnered with Child Protective Services to host the county's first adoption matching event.

  CPS permanency practitioner Ginny Judson says many of the children don't have biological families that can take care of them and this is an opportunity for families looking to adopt to get to know the children.

"They can come out and throw a ball around or hangout with a kid and see that exciting personality and that zest for life and the potential that they have, they might get a better idea if whether that child will fit into that family," said Judson.

 Rotary clubs across Texas are hosting similar adoption matching events and officials are hoping Saturday's party will help adopting parents find the right addition to their family.

"They've had really good success about 70- 80 percent of the children have been adopted when they've had these kinds of parties so this is a way to facilitate that meeting, that relationship that contact," said Claire Robbins, Fredonia Rotary Club, President.

 Officials say finding families for these children will give their lives a positive direction.

 "When they age out of foster care they have very high rates of homelessness, they have very high rates of imprisonment and drug use because they just don't have anyone to turn to. A home is critical, we believe in CPS that a child deserves a life-long connection to a family," said Judson.

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