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Family narrowly escapes carbon monoxide leak

It is a deadly, silent killer. carbon monoxide. And an East Texas family is thankful today to be alive, after a leak of the poisonous gas sent them to the hospital. It happened Saturday morning at a home at Wylie Circle in Longview. When they turned the heat on Thursday, the Middleton family began to feel odd effects.

"They started complaining about their head hurting and then they were nauseated," said home resident Donelle Middleton.

After two days of exposure, the effects became life threatening. Everyone becoming ill.

"When I woke up on Friday my head was hurting worse," said 7 year old daughter Leila.

15 year old son Frank collapsed in the dining room , while Donelle passed out and fell a few feet away.

"My husband tried to set me on the couch and I passed out again, then he called 9-1-1," she says.

Middleton and her children were rushed to a hospital for the exposure and given pure oxygen.

"I don't remember anything else except for people coming in , fire people, fire department, ambulance taking people out," Frank says.

"They saw the other kids throwing up and took them out. I thought , they're not going to be able to treat us , we're all going to die. And I just kept thinking how did this happen," Donelle says.

Investigators say a leak had developed in the homes heating furnace. Average carbon monoxide levels in homes that use gas heat and appliances is between 5 and 25 parts per million. Investigators say they took readings at the home of between 200-and 300 parts per million. The Middleton's, amazingly survived.

"I was scared. I was just praying to god that we'll make it and we made it," Leila says.

The Middletons did have a working carbon monoxide detector in the home. The family is staying with other relatives until the carbon monoxide leak is repaired at the home.

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