More aware of door-kick burglar

With a rash of burglaries continuing in Lufkin, homeowners are increasing security at their homes and keeping their eyes open for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. At 6, Leigha Hughes visits with a Lufkin man whose home was broken into a few weeks ago and what measures he has taken to keep it from happening again.

An East Texan is a world champion! At 5, see what the community thinks about Hudson native Brandon Belt and his San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series last night.

And at 10, we'll tell you about the wet/dry election coming in Sabine County. Normally, it's the pros vs. the cons. But Caleb Beames will tell you about a third player in this Texas showdown.

It's not even Christmas, but the deer are running inside buildings all over the country. You'll want to see this deer's crazy behavior at 4.

At 4:30, if you're using a credit card to do your holiday shopping, you'll want to see this story. Police say it's becoming quite common for criminals to get information from a bank account and transfer information to a gift card, making it easier for them to purchase things on your dime.

At 5, people in the north east are bracing for the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall later tonight. Our Taylor Hemness has the latest on Sandy's fury.

Also at 5, we will discuss how the hurricane may impact your wallet, as gas prices are expected to rise as a result of any destruction in her path.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor