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Pine Belt Paranormal Series: Deason House


The Deason House of Ellisville was built in 1845. An aire of horrific deaths befalled the Deasons and visitors alike who haunt the dwelling. All who grew up in Ellisville know the tales that emanate from these walls.

For several years the Delta Paranormal Project has conducted research within the halls of the Deason House and have been able to isolate specific energies and personalities inhabiting their own realm of the house.

"The attic is where the spirits stay. We have 8 spirits here...five are adults...three are children"

Creaky wood, drafty halls, and shoddy wiring can only explain so much to the eyes and ears, but as a visitor to the house there is truly a feeling that something's just not right. Delta paranormal applies several types of instrumentation to perceive the energies of the spirits who choose to make their presence known.

During the shooting of this piece we were witness to what investigators call an EVP… or electro-voice phenomenon. While filming a reenactment with Morgan, a delta paranormal daughter, the natural sound mic of my camera picked up the whispers of something.

Be sure to watch the video filed with this story to learn more about the Deason House.

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