New owners of Nacogdoches' Hoya Building hope it will be around another 100 yrs

New owners of Nacogdoches' Hoya Building hope it will be around another 100 yrs

Not many families can say they've owned a downtown building for over 100 years, not to mention that it's in the oldest town in Texas. So, selling the Hoya Building didn't come easy for the Hoya family. However, the 112-year-old building may be around for another century.

Contractor Wayne Ramshur and his son Steve make no hasty decisions when it comes to the restoration of the Hoya Building.

"It's critical that we get it as accurate as we can," Ramshur said.

Why the strides for perfection on this corner, two-story structure? It has a lot to do with this Charles Hoya. The Hoya Building has been in his family since the first brick was set.  He had to be the one to sell.

"I'll regret it 'til I die," Hoya, the building's former owner, said.

The aging building became too expensive for the Hoyas to maintain. Brian Bray, Nacogdoches' director of community services, and the Historic Landmark Preservation Committee told the family that if they didn't start fixing the problems associated with the building, the matter was going to be turned over to the Municipal Court, so citations could be issued.

"I felt pressured, and that's one of the reasons I'm glad I got the person I did since I was where I was," Hoya said.

Hoya sold it to Wayne Ramshur in January. They hit it off.

"We definitely want to keep them involved," Wayne Ramshur said.

Both men want what's best for the old building. The Ramshurs describe it as restoring history for a bright future. Wayne Ramshur said they want to strive for "what's normal and practical in today's world and yet try to get as much historical significance and detailing as possible." He added that being the second owner of a building that is more than 100 years old comes with a certain amount of responsibility.

"That's why we're taking it very seriously," Wayne Ramshur said. "That's why we're going ahead and going through the whole structure of the building. "

Exposed bricks were painstakingly re-mortared. The stucco will be refurbished because removing it would damage the original bricks. Restoration inside and out may be finished maybe by spring.

"Not going to be in a hurry," Wayne Ramshur said. "Hopefully it will stand for another 100, 150 years."

And that pleases the Hoya family just fine.

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