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ETX Red Cross volunteers deploy for the East Coast


A few East Texans have left their homes to volunteer with the American Red Cross to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

Sandy has left a trail of deadly destruction, high flooding and lots of power outages. It has also left millions of people in the dark.

American Red Cross in East Texas has sent out four of their East Texas volunteers to the east coast to assist people who are facing the damage from Sandy.

"Once we establish what the damage is, and how widespread it is, we'll be able to determine where the shelters are needed the most and what type of feeding routes we need to put into place," said East Texas volunteer Sonya Meador.

Meador says she spent the night and most of the day, like millions of others, with no electricity. Three more volunteers from the American Red Cross in East Texas are on the list for deployment Wednesday.

"We've been packing and basically getting ready, they've told us we need to be ready for cold weather," said East Texas volunteer Don Mischnick.

Michele and Don Mischnick could get the call any minute, telling them where they will be volunteering for the coming weeks.

"For them to send you, normally you have to commit to a couple weeks and sometimes up to three weeks," said Mischnick.

The Mischnick's say they could be helping with delivering food, delivering cleaning supplies, working the shelters, or even working emergency rescues.

"At different times in our life, other people have pitched in and helped us do things, so it's only right that we say thank you and help other people," said Mischnick.

Packing for the cold weather is the least of their concerns; they are just ready and willing to serve those who are in need.

Four East Texas volunteers were sent out Monday to Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York. Three, including the Mischnick's, are on the list to possibly be sent out tomorrow.

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