Vacation Bargains?

You see their ads on TV all the time, Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia. All of the websites that claim to save you money by having them book your hotel for you. It seems like a good deal...right?

Jay Williams said, "I've known some people that have used them before and I think they probably have saved them a little bit of money."

They do save you money, there's no doubt about that. These computer operated travel agents take your bid on a hotel or plane ticket and ask the hotel if that price you offered would be acceptable. The hotel or airline takes the bait because rather than make no money on an empty seat, they can still make a little off of your low price.

But it's the fine print that you have to worry about. To use these services you have to agree to their terms. Some say you can't get your money back if you can't make the trip, some pick the hotel for you, and some even pick what time you fly.

So if you don't mind leaving for your trip at 2 am and going to a hotel you know nothing about, perhaps the online travel agents are the way to go, but for some they don't want to take the chance.

Heather Wilkerson said, "I wouldn't wanna just go and it be like a really bad hotel or something. Not be fun at all."

But you could get lucky, stay in a 4 star hotel for a 2 star price. On the other hand you could get sick, not be able to take you trip, and still have to pay the bill. So before you get online to book that next vacation, look at the fine print and ask yourself if it's worth the money you'll save.