100-year-old house up in flames

A century-old home in Nacogdoches is destroyed by fire. Luckily, all the people living there are OK. AT 6, Donna McCollum how it took a "perfect" combination of elements to gut the home.

Protestors are in a tree, dozens of feet high, trying to keep workers from continuing to lay a pipeline. Nevermind that they are not even in the construction path. Maegan Prejean was at the scene near Sacul and will bring you the latest at 5.

A crossover in Polk County has been the scene of 32 accidents since 2010. What do residents think should happen to make things safer? What are officials doing about it? Francesca Washington has the report at 6.

The Texas secretary of state was in Lufkin today to get out the word to vote. Caleb Beames has the report at 10.

The cleanup has begun after Hurricane Sandy ripped across parts of the east coast. Millions are still without power and there's billions in damage. At 4, we'll show you all the damage left behind from the massive storm.

At 4:30, we'll bring you the story of a two-pound baby born during the storm, who had to be transferred from a blacked-out hospital during Hurricane Sandy.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor