Texas Secretary of State visits local polling site

Texas Secretary of State visits local polling site

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With early voting ending Friday, Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade sat down with local officials to see how things were going.

The biggest issue that has come up is the confusion over signs outside of the polling stations.  At the beginning of early voting, signs directing voters to the polling station identification was required.

"We want to make sure that everyone understands there is no photo I.D. Required and that you continue to vote in the same manner that you've always voted and that is with your voter registration card, said Andrade.

The signs have been changed and Andrade says that some form of identification is needed but all it has to have is your name and address on it.

The secretary also talked about how new technology has increased awareness.

"We're on facebook, we're on twitter, we have an app that you can download on your phone: smarttxvoter, and you have all the information," said Andrade

One thing that Andrade has seen change from the last election is the amount of early voters. Before, she would tell people to early vote if they did not want to wait in line…

But now she admits you will have to wait.

Angelina County Election Administrator, Midget Sherman is happy Andrade was able to meet and appreciates the time she spent with local officials around the state.

"It's always great to have her and have her input and her interest and concerns for our county,:" said Sherman

Andrade also believes that this year Texans can make their voice heard.

"We believe that if you vote, you do make your mark on Texas," said Andrade

So far, just over 13,000 Angelina county residents and around 9,300 Nacoghdoches county residents have voted early. A reminder that early voting ends this Friday.