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National Adoption Day comes early for 7 Nacodoches Co. children, 3 families


Today almost 6,400 children in Texas foster care are waiting for the right family to call their own.

However, Friday marked the day that the waiting was over for seven children from Nacogdoches County. National Adoption Day arrived a couple of weeks early for three families who are celebrating a new beginning.

Active toddlers and sweet babies knew their morning routine was different, but 7-year-old Gary Burgin Jr. understood why. 

"I know I am getting adopted, and my little brother and little sister are too," Gary Jr. said. "And I do love everyone in this new family."

Gary Jr. and his two siblings have been calling Gary and Britni Burgin mom for some time now. The once-childless couple played a tremendous role in keeping the sibling group together.

"We never felt any different as if we birthed the children," Britni Burgin said

Ginny Judson, a permanent practitioner with Child Protective Services, said the unique thing about Friday's adoptions was that the three families are biologically related to the children they adopted.

"We have three families today who are adopting seven children, and the unique thing about today is each of the families who is adopting is biologically related to the children," Judson said.

Grandparents Katrina and Eddie Faires never imagined becoming parents to their three grandchildren, but today, they would have it no other way. A public adoption commemorated the occasion for them.

"They are just very special to us," adoptive mother Katrina Faires said.

Adoption day is significant, but in the minds of children other family outings are more memorable.

"I never caught a fish before, and the first time I went fishing with them, I caught a fish," Gary Jr. said. The very first one."

The memories are just beginning for these children and their parents.

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