ETX Families learn about nature’s creepy crawlers

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday morning families gathered at the SFA Pineywoods Native Plant Center to learn about natures creepy crawlers.

Nacogdoches naturally introduced people to woodland creatures in safe non-threatening ways, giving families a closer look at worms, bees, snakes and insects. Officials say that education and familiarity with nature can raise the comfort level for families during outdoor experiences.

"Its really important for kids to make the connection with nature, that it is a safe place that they can go and enjoy and learn from and there is a lot of science stuff that's here for them that is going to enrich their lives in so many ways," said Kerry Lemon, Project Director, Nacogdoches Naturally.

Later this month Nacogdoches naturally will host a similar event on the 17th focused on birds. Children will learn about nature and their feathered friends.

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