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County health: Test of rubella at AZ school came back negative

Boulder Creek High School Boulder Creek High School

The Maricopa County Health Department announced Friday that the test for a possible case of rubella at Boulder Creek High School has come back negative.

County health officials said the letter was sent to the school on Friday and a note is expected to be going home with students on Monday. 

Officials say because it's so contagious just one case can put a lot of people at risk, especially if you're pregnant and haven't been vaccinated. [Read letter to parents (PDF)]

Karen Stone is the mother of a sophomore at Boulder Creek High School. She says she never got the letter warning parents of a possible case of rubella, also known as German measles, at her daughter's school. Even though she's been vaccinated against the virus, Stone says it's worrisome.

"My daughter is sick right now. I want to know what the symptoms are," said Stone.

Symptoms of rubella can be very mild. They include a low-grade fever, a pink rash that starts on the face and spreads to the chest and back, swollen lymph nodes and a runny nose. 

The disease is spread through coughing, sneezing and contact with fluids from the nose, mouth and throat.

Symptoms may not appear for two to three weeks after exposure. Doctors say people who are infected can be contagious for as long as two weeks.

"I used to be a teacher and there are a lot of children who are not vaccinated. So if all those kids are running around with this kind of exposure it's dangerous for them," said Stone.

The disease also poses serious health risks to unborn babies. Jennifer Davis is expecting her baby girl in just a few weeks.

"It is concerning. I feel like it's something that most people think is far in the past or something that happens in third world countries and we don't experience here, which is obviously not the truth," said Davis.

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