Nacogdoches Co. election officials prepare for Election Day

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Today election workers around the nation prepare the best they can for something that comes around once every four years.

Presidential elections create a sense of anticipation like no other general election. Election administration offices everywhere have something in common this close to Election Day. The phone seldom stops ringing.

"The typical questions are where do I go vote tomorrow, what time are the polls open, and could you check to see if I'm registered?" Karen Butler, the assistant election administrator for Nacogdoches, said.

And if you're lucky, the questions will be answered by someone as patient as Karen Butler.

During the interview Monday, Butler told a caller where to look for their voting precinct. "On your voter card, on the left hand side right next to your year of birth, there's a voting precinct," she said.

The polls open at seven in the morning tomorrow, which means set up happened today at numerous election sites.

Butler said Nacogdoches election officials are expecting a high voter turnout tomorrow.

"We expect at least to hit 75 to 80 percent turnout overall," Butler said.

There are no contested local races in Nacogdoches County making the U.S. Senate race between Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Paul Sadler the hot race.

Right now, both parties just want people to vote. Roy Boldon, the Democratic Party Chair of Nacogdoches County, said they've been trying to let people know that they will provide transportation to the polls if necessary.

"The last two Saturdays, we held voter rallies at the church, and one of the things that it was for was to inform people that we have transportation to the polls, whether you are disabled, or if you just don't have a vehicle," Roy Boldon, the Democratic Party Chair of Nacogdoches, said.

Linda Sisk, the Republican Party Secretary of Nacogdoches said that people with the GOP hope that voters will take their citizenship seriously.

"And we just hope everyone takes their citizenship seriously and exercise their right to vote," Sisk said.

Democrats and Republicans are planning election watch gatherings, and both parties are anticipating a victory.

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