FULL ELECTION RESULTS: Three new sheriffs elected in E. Texas

Republican Candidate Greg Sanches is running away with the sheriff position in Angelina County.

With 41 of 41 precincts reporting, Sanches beat Democratic candidate Thomas Stewart by a margin of 31,055 to 6,956.

"It's been a long campaign, and I've talked to a lot of the public in the process, and they have a lot of concerns," Sanches said. "So I've really taken that to heart, so I want to get in there and work hard, do a good job, and pick a good team of people, and it's going to take time."

Sanches also said the Angelina County Sheriff's Office has some "good employees," and added he's looking forward to working with them.

In Houston County, Donna Kaspar retained her district attorney position, beating Democratic opponent James Ashworth by 2,300 votes.

"I'm glad the race is over," Kaspar said. "There has been a lot of negativity throughout this race and I'm just excited I've been re-elected."

San Augustine ISD officials are excited that their $5 million bond election passed overwhelmingly, 1,261 votes to 565.

In Sabine County, two alcohol proposals passed.

"The voters have spoken and in spite of the Louisiana lawyer and his clients, we have settled it ourselves," said Mary Greer, treasurer of the "Keep Our Tax Dollars in Sabine County" campaign.

In Shelby County, Willis Blackwell, the GOP candidate, won by a narrow margin over incumbent Newton Johnson Jr., the Democrat.

"I figured it would be very close," Blackwell said. "I didn't figure it would be a runaway by any means. And we were nervous about it, as he probably was."

Shelby County voters also elected acting District Attorney Larry Florence, the Republican candidate, over Stephen Shires, the Democratic candidate, by a narrow 4,842-4,181 margin. Florence was apointed Shelby County's district attorney after incumbent Lynda K. Russell stepped down.

Shelby County has spoken," Florence. "They have given me a mandate that they were looking for a change, someone from the outside that had a lot of experience to be able to handle these things, and I intend to do so."

Below are running totals from elections in six counties.

In Trinity County, the GOP candidate for sheriff, Woody Wallace edged the Democratic incumbent, Ralph Montemayor by a margin of 4,842 to 4,181.

"We felt like we had a good chance of winning and a lot of people believed in me and thought I could bring stronger law enforcement, and that's what we're gonna to do," Wallace said.

ANGELINA COUNTY: 41 of 41 precincts


31,055 Greg Sanches (R)

6,956 Thomas A. Stewart (D)

Running for open seat vacated by Kent Henson.

Tax Assessor-Collector

19,449 Thelma "Midget" Sherman (R)-Incumbent

8,440 Joe "JD" Douglas III (D)

PRECINCT 1: Commissioner

6,294 Rick Harrison (R)-Incumbent

1,583 Gregory "Greg" Tucker (D)

PRECINCT 4: Constable

2,160 Ray Anthony (R)

816 Lazaro "Lalo" Robles Jr. (D)

Vacated by Eddie Horton.

HOUSTON COUNTY: 22 of 22 precincts

District Attorney

5,362 Donna Gordon Kaspar (R)-incumbent

2,679 James "Ainsworth" Ashworth (D)

PRECINCT 1: Constable

2,663 Morris E. Luker (R)-incumbent

1,113 Harry Jackson (D)

SABINE COUNTY: 9 of 9 precincts


3,594 Tom Maddox (R)-incumbent

382 Ron Collier Write-in candidate

PRECINCT 1: Commissioner

797 T.H. "Tommy" Clark (R)

317 Larry Martin Write-in candidate

To fill spot of Gene Graham, who lost in primary.

Legal sale of beer and wine

1,368 For

678 Against

Legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants

1,389 For

684 Against

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY: 12 of 12 precincts

SAN AUGUSTINE ISD: Trustee, Position 2

1,172 William (Bub) Johnson-incumbent

479 Jennifer Studdard

SAN AUGUSTINE ISD: Trustee, Position 5

905 Orvin Garrett

900 Dennis Barnes-incumbent

SAN AUGUSTINE ISD: Trustee, Position 7

914 William Richards-incumbent

772 James Moore

SAN AUGUSTINE ISD: $5 million school bond

1,261 For

565 Against

SAN AUGUSTINE ISD: Authorizing trustees to purchase attendance credits with tax revenues

1,153 For

555 Against

PRECINCT 2: Constable

269 Robert Pooh Wynn (R)

520 Jeff Mosby (D)-incumbent

PRECINCT 4: Constable

555 Kevin Gratehouse (R)

407 Ben Miller (D)-incumbent

SHELBY COUNTY: 15 of 15 precincts

District Attorney

4,842 Kenneth B. Florence (R)

4,181 Stephen Shires (D)

Position vacated by Lynda K. Russell.


4,642 Willis Blackwell (R)

4,554 Newton Johnson Jr. (D) - incumbent

PRECINCT 1: Justice of the Peace

2,192 Melissa Crouch (R)

2,210 Maxie Eaves (D)-incumbent

PRECINCT 3: Constable

1,024 Billy F. Hearnsberger (R)-Incumbent

399 Roy Cheatwood (D)

PRECINCT 4: Constable

390 Bryan Gray (R)

283 Fred Walker (D) - Incumbent



3,300 Woody Wallace (R)

2,923 Ralph Montemayor (D)-Incumbent

PRECINCT 1: Commissioner

1,018 Grover "Tiger" Worsham (R)-Incumbent

544 Tom McCrory (D)

PRECINCT 1: Constable

971 Rusty Barrett (R)

586 Ronald North (D)

Position vacated by Woody Wallace.

PRECINCT 2: Constable

1,126 Mark W. Cole (R)

979 R. Sterling Johnson (D)-Incumbent

PRECINCT 3: Commissioner

746 Neal Smith (R)

678 Cecil Webb (D)-Incumbent

PRECINCT 3: Constable

808 Carl Casey (R)

570 Hayne Huffman (D)-Incumbent

PRECINCT 4: Justice of the Peace

665 Greg Hollis (R)

830 Sam O. "Rod" Blair (D)-Incumbent

PRECINCT 4: Constable

561 Reggie Olive (R)

426 Ronnie Hunt (D)-Incumbent



4,057,014 Ted Cruz (R)

2,794,214 Paul Sadler (D)

135,394 John Jay Myers (Lib)

57,380 David B. Collins (Grn)

Position vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

US Rep, District 1

176,777 Louie Gohmert (R)-Incumbent

65,943 Shirley J. McKellar (D)

4,029 Clark Patterson (Lib)