Angelina Co. families welcome new additions during National Adoption Month

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - November is NationalAdoption Month and Wednesday families across Angelina County are sharing thelove.

Three families welcomed new additionsWednesday morning during the adoption day celebration in Angelina County.

"The families have opened uptheir homes to children and children get the gift of a forever family,"said Kristi Hachtel, CPS Supervisor Angelina County.

The Angelina County Courthouse wasfilled with families, CPS workers and local non-profits celebrating the 7thannual event. CPS Supervisor Kristi Hactel says the adoption process is a longone and some of the cases they have can go from 12 to 18 months.

"It's a journey we've taken withthese families and most importantly, these children are not raised in thesystem forever," said Hachtel.

Today there are almost 6,400 childrenin Texas Foster Care and officials believe for children to grow up healthy theyneed a connection with a family.

"Longer than just graduating fromHigh School but its getting married and having children of their own, they needa family to come home to," said Hachtel.

Mitizi Smith and her husband adopted twochildren this past may and she's thankful for the opportunity to give them abetter life.

"All the children deserve better thanwhat they have and if you can help them that's what you need to do," saidSmith.

Karen Lawrence adopted 15 year-old Kala todayand says more people should consider adoption because so many children needsomeone to love them.

"Its a lot of fun and veryrewarding, its just something I feel God wanted us to do," said Lawrence.

Last year 5,003 children and teens wereadopted from state care but despite the many success stories there are stillchildren hoping and waiting for their forever family.

"They're a gift from God and wetreasure those gifts and we see those families grow and make changed and thenthey spread that joy and that love out to other people," said Hachtel.

Lastyear Angelina County CPS adopted 14 children into "forever families".

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