Ain't that a kick in the door?

There's a chance the door-kick burglar may have been caught. A man who fits the description of the Lufkin serial burglar was arrested Tuesday night and police have linked him to at least burglary. Maegan Prejean explains at 6.

There aren't many crimes more disgusting than trying to steal from someone who is trying to give to others. Francesca Washington knows of one case and will explain how you can help at 6.

East Texans certainly want their medical providers to be ready in the event of a medical emergency. Check out the latest innovation in Donna McCollum's report at 10.

You can be a part of four families' special moment at 5, as they adopt children in Lufkin.

And at 6, Wes Hamilton will be LIVE at the Angelina County Expo Center, where Lufkin gives one final welcome to World Series champion Brandon Belt.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor