Nacogdoches Hospital District unveils new emergency response trailer

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches County Memorial Hospital District showed off its new emergency response trailer. It's like an emergency room on wheels.

"It's like triage," Scott Christopher said. Christopher is the president of DETRAC and the director of the Nacogdoches County Hospital District's trauma, stroke, and cardiac program

It's patterned after a similar trailer recently put into action by the Deep East Texas Regional Advisory Council. The trouble is that one will be parked in Livingston, the region's southern area.

"The mission of (DETRAC) is to make our region much more ready to respond in the event of  day-to-day emergencies and also in the event of a disaster even," Christopher said.

Christopher and paramedic Alan Russell found a way to have a second trailer stay in Nacogdoches, the most northern county in the region.

"The goal of this trailer is not to necessarily have it parked waiting on the next hurricane to come through, but to utilize it," Christopher said. "We take it out to the fairs. It's better to have it there than not need, than need it and not have it."

The men didn't go to Pinterest, but they did repurpose. Russell said they decided to put the truck in service.

"This was a truck and chassis that used to be an ambulance, so we decided to put this truck in service, put a bed on it," Russell said. "This trailer was technically a cargo-type trailer that was sitting on the back lot."

Foretravel completed the conversion. Hospital volunteers helped raise the money and now get credit for their generosity.

"We appreciate you allowing our name to be on this," a hospital volunteer said.

Sometimes it takes collaboration and ingenuity to provide good health care.

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