Center PD urges Nacogdoches residents to be on lookout for "person of interest"

Marcus Isaac (Source: Center Police Department)
Marcus Isaac (Source: Center Police Department)

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Investigators with the Center Police Department are urging people in the Nacogdoches area to be on the lookout for a "person of interest" in an ongoing investigation of 14 car burglaries, four car thefts, and two home burglaries.

Marcus Isaac, 17, of Center, fled from Center PD investigators when they approached him to bring him in on questioning in regard to the ongoing investigation earlier this week. Isaac is believed to be armed with a gun that he took from a car, and an evading arrest/detention warrant has been issued for him.

"He might have actually been involved in more felonies," Detective Joey Haley of the Center Police Department said. "We've just had a rash of car burglaries and thefts, and all in the same general area."

Haley said Isaac isn't the only person that the Center Police Department is investigating. He said Isaac runs around with a group of about three or four young men, and that Isaac has numerous run-ins with the law, including several juvenile cases.

During the course of the investigation, Haley and his partner found a wooded area with numerous trails in and out of it in the part of Center where the burglaries have been occurring. A search of the wooded area revealed a Mazda car that had the kind of damage that indicated it had been stolen, Haley said. Their hunch was right; the car had been stolen from Nacogdoches.

Another recovered stolen vehicle had been set on fire and burned to its rims, Haley said. The Center PD detective said the series of crimes started in late September and have continued through early November.

When Haley and his partner approached Isaac to bring him in for questioning, Isaac saw them and immediately began walking in the other direction. Haley said Isaac kept going after he told him to stop, and his partner started chasing the 17-year-old. Isaac ran from them, jumped an 8-foot fence, and vanished into a nearby wooded area.

"We believe that Marcus has family in the Nacogdoches area," Haley said. "He's never been known to be violent, but we think he stole a gun in one of the car burglaries because he's been telling his friends about it."

Haley said anyone with any information about Isaac's whereabouts can contact him at the Center Police Department's main number, 936-598-2788. They can also call the Center Crime Stoppers hot line at (936) 598-SAFE (7233) or leave an online tip at

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