REVIEW: 'Texas Heat' pilot shows too much humor

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Commercial clips show Trinity Police officers as a fun-loving bunch, doing pranks to each other, laughing with inmates and passing gas.

Someone like me watches it and thinks, "Well, this is how they're drawing them in. We'll see how they're actually a hard-working bunch."

Unfortunately, the first episode doesn't show that.

Most of the first show is Chief Stephen Jones going to a ribbon cutting, cutting up with Officer Donald "Big Sexy" Givens and giving his officers a hard time.

The one who gets the hardest time is Officer Felix Morales ,the rookie. But Morales doesn't take it lying down.

He's paired with Officer Justin Sikes, who they call a "pit bull in a Chihuahua's body."

Jones' closest friends on the force are Sgt. Randy Wheeler and Officer Givens.

The  whole cast is very natural on camera and it makes for a great product. They all have that southern humor and the series will be a blast to watch for any East Texan.

Givens may be the star of the first episode, as he shows off his charisma and even explains how he acquires it.

There are about three to four storylines in the pilot, and they're all intriguing and make for a fun show.

A fun show for the rest of the nation to watch. But hopefully future episodes cast a more positive light on the good Trinity Police do for their residents.

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