Trinity community gives opinions on 'Big Texas Heat'

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - They have badges, arrest bad guys, and have fun doing I, and it just so happens the Trinity Police Officers are also the stars of the new reality series "Big Texas Heat."

East Texas News got a taste of how the community feels about the show and found out what the cast hopes the public will learn about cops.

It's not every day a production crew rolls into town and pushes "record" on the lives of local law enforcement and all the people they come in contact with, Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said.

So it's no surprise that Trinity residents weren't all that enthusiastic about "Big Texas Heat" at first.

"Our community was scared," Jones said. "They don't know what they're going to want, and you just have to take that step, and fortunately though even though our community was scared, they took that step with us."

Officer Felix Morales, aka "the Rookie," said there may be a lot of people out there that aren't too thrilled with the Trinity Police Department being on TV.

However, now that everyone is over the initial shock, East Texans like Neil Smith are buzzing with excitement.

"Well, we think it's going to be a great opportunity to promote the town," Smith said. "We have a good community here and wonderful people. And the chief has assured me that he would never do anything to embarrass Trinity, so I've got a lot of faith in him."

Trinity officers hope viewers will get to see a lighter side of law enforcement and be reminded that cops are just normal people too.

"We're just like every day people. We go to work. We have families we come home to," Morales said. "It's a job that we do."

Sgt. Randy Wheeler echoed Morales sentiment, and added, "This is who we are, and we're a funny bunch of people. It's just funny."

Even so, the officers said they also don't want there to be any misconceptions that they all just goof around because they all work hard and take their jobs seriously.

"The department actually, as far as work goes, worked harder than we've ever worked," Jones said.

The officers of the Trinity Police Department say that no amount of fame will change who they are. They all love being police officers, and the TV show is just an added bonus.

"Big Texas Heat' premiers Saturday at 9:30 p.m. on CMT.

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