Restaurant Report - Angelina - 11/8/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Ann's Burger Stop @ Hwy 69 Corner of 706: 28 demerits for improper thawing, remove children's items, do not store personal items with single service items and food, clean under all equipment, clean vent hood filters, clean inside freezer, clean ceiling, clean boxes from around building, need soap and paper towels at hand sink, back door must self close and seal tightly, proof of extermination needed, seal around air conditioning, repair leak at compartment sink, coolers and freezer, clean fountain drink nozzles and repair floors.

The Lunch Box @ 1005 South Timberland: 26 demerits for improper temperatures, do not store personal items with single service items, replace water damaged ceiling tiles, paint all bare wood with high gloss enamel, remove expired food items, clean under equipment, improper dishwashing, repair floor drains, repair leak at drink station, repair leak at sink, clean microwave, store bulk scoops properly, clean inside ice machine and need food grade containers.

Jack In The Box @ 1903 West Frank: 22 demerits for improper temperatures, clean under equipment, clean mop sink, clean floor drains, replace light shield in walk-in freezer, hand sinks are for hand washing only, repair leak at hand sink, clean inside microwave and need scoops with handles.

Courtyard Marriott: 6 demerits for paper towels needed at hand sink and repair leak at hand sink in front prep area.

Mar Teres Tea Room @ 3615 Ted Trout Drive: 4 demerits for clean shelves in cabinets, light shield needed, do not store single service items on the floor in store room, employees cannot wear jewelry in the kitchen and repaint/seal shelves.

Sals and Sams Commissary (Steven's Catering) @ 1901 FM 842: 3 demerits for need to separate cooler and freezer from Steven's Catering.

Arriero Taqueria @ 500 North Timberland: 3 demerits for back door must seal.

Popeye's @ 1106 South Timberland: 0 demerits.

VFW Post 1836 Snack Bar/Club @ 1800 Ford Chapel Road: 0 demerits.

Dee Dee Donuts @ 300 Main Street Zavalla: 0 demerits.

Casa Morales @ 1001 South First Street: 0 demerits.

Sals and Sams @ 1705 Feagin Drive: 0 demerits.

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