Man dies while cutting down tree at SFA

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Kansas tree contractor died while cutting down a tree at Stephen F. Austin University Azalea Garden in Nacogdoches Friday morning. The man was identified as John Frederick Goode, 39, of Louisburg, Kansas.

"One of workers was in the tree, and some kind of way we're still investigating, the tree snapped, and the person passed away," Marc Cossich, the SFA chief of police, said. "I believe there was at least three workers out there at the time."

According to Terry Drewery of Drewery Tree Service, Goode was removing trees that had died over the past year. Around 10 a.m., he died while he was in a tree, cutting it down and it fell with him in it.

He died at the scene.

According to Drewery, Goode was secured around 65 feet up a tree and had cut about 35 feet of the tree above him, The part of the tree he was secured to broke into about seven different pieces.

Drewery said the tree was in bad shape, but it was tough to know by looking at the bark.

"It's very sobering when something like this happens," Drewery said. "He was professional. One of the few to wear a climbing helmet, gloves and eye protection. That was just John. He was very meticulous about safety. He went up the tree and just didn't catch it."

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