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Poll worker questions provisional ballots


A number of Valley voters came forward this week to complain about the provisional ballots they were forced to fill out on Election Day.

Many insisted they were given a provisional ballot unnecessarily.

On Friday, an East Valley election poll worker raised new concerns about the provisional ballots and the confusion they created on Election Day.

The poll worker did not want to reveal her name, but said she wanted the public to know that the number of provisional ballots filled out at her Fountain Hills precinct seemed high.

"I've never witnessed this before," said the poll worker. "It was such a large amount of people that had to vote with provisional ballots. It seemed more than human error. At the core, something was wrong."

The poll worker told CBS5 that she's worked a number of elections over the past seven years and had never seen so many provisional ballots.

She said that it was a combination of voters not receiving an early ballot and others who insisted they had never asked for one.

In each case, poll workers were required to give voters a provisional ballot, the poll worker said.

The poll worker said that she believes there was some kind of mix-up on the voter registry list, to have so many people required to vote provisionally.

"I think the attitude was that nobody cared about their vote, and their vote wasn't important," said the poll worker.

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell told CBS5 that she was not aware of any voter registry problem that might have led to more provisional ballots being filled out.

Purcell said that every legitimate early and provisional ballot will be counted.

Maricopa County had approximately 120,000 provisional ballots.

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