Lufkin runners give back to local veterans in Run for the Vets races

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin runners started their day withtheir hands over their hearts remembering those who serve our country.

"We're helping them kind of getback to a daily way of life," said Tara Watson Watkins, Director, LufkinCVB.

Saturday morning the Lufkin Conventionand Visitors Bureau hosted the first run for the vets to help local veteransget back on their feet.

"I just think its so important tobe able to say thank you to the men and women that have fought for our dailyfreedom this is a way that we can help," said Watkins.

Director Tara Watson Watkins says 25percent of the proceeds will go to American Legion Auxiliary Unit 113.

"The money will go to theveterans that have come back home that are here locally and need monetarysupport," said Watkins.

Army veteran Samuel Coleman spent eight yearsin service and works closely with the VFW.

Coleman says times have changes since he wasin the army and returning soldiers need support now more than ever.

"Now they have a lot of problemsdifferent from us, there was a difference in our training I can say," saidColeman.

To contribute 100 runners participatedin a 10k, 5k or a one mile fun run.

Coleman says the steps runners taketoday will improve future of veterans and their families.

"Its a good thing, its peoplehelping people and that's what we do," said Coleman.

"We wake up every day being ableto breathe and see our family and our friends because of the men and women whogive up their lives," said Watkins.

This is the first Veterans Day run for thecity, officials plan on continuing the tradition and expanding it for years tocome.

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