Texas mourns 12 years of traffic deaths

As Texas marks 12 years of daily fatalities on roadways, motorists are being told how to make it stop. At 6, Maegan Prejean explains the causes and how drivers can be safer.

Also at 6, Caleb Beames brings you the scenes from the annual Veterans Day ceremony in Huntington.

At 5, meet an East Texas cheerleader who is one of millions across the country picked to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Last weekend, we told you about a Lufkin man whose shed was hit by lightning, caught fire and burned, along with his lawn mower. At 10, Leigha Hughes explains how this ended with a happy ending.

An explosion heard from miles away has changed an Indianapolis neighbourhood. The damage? An estimated $3.6 million. But as we report at 4, the damage is a little more personal.

A Florida teenager with cerebral palsy received a special honor when he was crowned homecoming king Friday night. And what he does on the football field will amaze you! We have the story at 4:30.

At 5, we'll delve more deeply into the story of General David Petraeus' and the explosive revelation that he had an affair with his biographer. Now we've learned that the woman sent threatening emails to a friend of Gen. Petraeus. More on that story at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor