Good Samaritan donates mower to Lufkin man after lightning destroyed his

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Louis Bronaugh thought his lawn might get a little overgrown after most of his yard tools were destroyed in a fire.

"The utility building was struck by lightning and it burned up my riding mower," Bronaugh, who once served as Lufkin mayor, said.

But little did he know a good Samaritan had seen his story right here on KTRE.

The next morning, a Rusk County man called KTRE, saying he might have something Bronaugh could use.

A complete stranger saw Bronaugh's story and wanted to help him out so he called him up and gave him this lawn mower that he didn't need anymore.

"He felt like he should make a contribution to my problem and the solution to the problem and I didn't quite know what to say other than thank you," Bronaugh said.

Bronaugh admitted he was a little suspicious at first.

"You know it's too good to be true but it was true and I'm very thankful," he said.

Bronaugh drove up to Rusk County this past weekend to meet the generous donor and pick up the mower. It's a used mower but Bronaugh says it's like new and is very similar to the mower he had before.

"Very generous gift," Bronaugh said. "And I'll accept it and use it for a good cause. He just wanted to do a nice thing."

The donor says the story touched him and he happened to be a position to help.

Bronaugh says he is still speechless because it's not everyday someone reaches out to help a stranger.

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