Secession: Is it a reality?

Thousands across the state have decided they're so unhappy with the election that they want out. But is it a reality? Caleb Beames speaks to a political expert and will explain at 6.

There are no leads concerning a man who, armed with a deer rifle, approached a jogger Monday morning on the Lanana Creek trail. Some trail users may find this unsettling. Donna McCollum tells you how to be aware of your surroundings in her report at 6.

One East Texas beauty pageant is giving children with special needs the chance to step into the spotlight. At 6, Francesca Washington explains why the opportunity to be on stage is important for the kids and how the community can lend support.

A Livingston man is dead after a fellow hunter accidentally shot him. At 10, Michelle Reed explains how it happened and how it can be avoided.

International enrollment is up across the nation in colleges. With it being International Education Week at SFA, Maegan Prejean reports on how the enrollment looks there. That story's at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor