Students at Nacogdoches' TJR Elementary read their hearts out

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - In honor of National Young Readers Week, an elementary school in Nacogdoches took reading to heart Wednesday. The entire school day was devoted to reading - a day long read-a-thon.

"It's very important to me," Sydney Moses, a 5th grader, said. "I think without reading that you probably wouldn't get anywhere without it. So, I think reading is a big part of everyone's life and my life, too."

This message is exactly what educators hope to portray at Thomas J. Rusk Elementary.

"Today is Read Your Heart out Day at TJR Elementary in Nacogdoches, and we're promoting literacy," Malinda Lindsey, the principal of TJR Elementary, said.

It's part of Pizza Hut's "book it" program to encourage students to read.

"Read your heart out is simply a contest that they came up with for the principals to participate in and they just read all day," Angelina Allen, the librarian at TJR Elementary, said. "They want the kids to see them reading from the first bell to the last bell and once you compete you can enter into a contest to win books."

To keep reading exciting, the students can be tested on the books they've read and earn points towards items like backpacks and water bottles.

"If our students earn 75 hundred points campus wide, that's K-5, our curriculum specialist, Ms. Allan and I will sleep on top of the roof," Lindsey said. "I'm very confident our students will reach our goal."

That goal will have these two braving the elements all in the name of reading.

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