Child Pornography Cases Increasing in East Texas

By Ramonica R. Jones

Police say a former Lufkin High School assistant principal was arrested Tuesday for possession of child pornography. Thirty-five year old Charles Dexter Lewis was charged last month with providing harmful materials to a minor. In that case, police say he had e-mailed nude pictures of himself to a student.

Authorities say the new child pornography charges were filed last week, and Lewis surrendered to police Tuesday afternoon. Police say during a search, they found pornographic images of minors in Lewis' home.

Lewis is out of jail on $20,000 bond. Attempts to contact him Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Police detectives aren't the only ones responsible for tracking down child predators. There's plenty you can do, starting with paying attention. If you work in the photo processing industry, you could be a big help to authorities if you see something inappropriate. But you can also choose to ignore the problem of child pornography.

Because of the controversy surrounding child pornography, "Some companies don't want to get involved," Lufkin police detective, Otis Almond, says.

The Lufkin Police Department has several home computers in its possession, suspected of being used for child pornography. With daily advances in already high-tech equipment, child porn is more accessible than ever. But child predators can still be hard to catch.

Det. Almond says most home computer systems are pretty high-tech, but they don't compare to his equipment. He says even if a predator erases the files on his computer, they can usually be recovered. And child predators don't just get a slap on the wrist. They can be tried and convicted under both the state and federal laws.