Lufkin job fair benefits veterans and employers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas employers honored the service oflocal veterans by participating in a job fair specifically to help them findjobs.

"Veterans, they don't ask foranything special they just want the opportunity to show what they can do,"said Jon Bunn, Director of Contract and Programs, Work Force Solutions.

At the "Hiring Red, White and You"event veterans had the opportunity to network with 35 local employers.

The veterans looking for work aren'tthe only ones benefiting from the event, officials say veterans come with alarge skill set that give them an edge in the work place.

"First and foremost they're going tobe professional, they're going to be punctual, they're going to understand hardwork and go above and beyond the call of duty and that's what our service mendo on a day in and day out basis," said Roderick Williams, Director ofEnvironmental Services, Woodland Heights Medical Center.

Officials say a good work ethic is notall employers will receive from veterans, they will also benefit financially.

"The state of Texas has financialincentives for employers that hire veterans but the federal government also hasnew programs giving tax credits," said Bunn.

Woodland Heights Director of EnvironmentalServices Roderick Williams is U.S. Marine Core veteran and knows first-hand thestruggles of finding a job.

He says job fairs give veterans one onone time with employers to get a better idea of how their job in the militarycorresponds with potential jobs in the real world.

"Its important for employers tocome out and explain what we do and how those job skills can acclimate back inthe real world," said Williams.

Officials say employers have much togain because veterans know how to get the job done.

"The quality of job ethic thatthese veterans have its not a hard sell for our employers," said Bunn

Veterans who missed the job fair can contactthe Texas Veteran Commission.

A workforcerepresentative can help with their job search and receiving other benefits.

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