Arsons continue in North Lufkin

North Lufkin residents are growing more nervous as an arsonist continues to try to light businesses, buildings and vehicles on fire. With Thursday being the third straight day of reports, Caleb Beames visits with residents in the area about their uneasiness.

Veterans Day may be over, but locally, employers are finding ways to give back. At a job fair today, Francesca Washington explains that veterans aren't the only ones reaping the benefits. That story's at 10.

Students from several different countries met with community members in Nacogdoches today for SFA's International Food Festival. At 6, Maegan Prejean explains how this was an opportunity for community members to learn about the cultures at the school.

Next week, we'll be eyeing a Thanksgiving spread which inevitably includes lots of delicious foods, dressing and all those desserts which make saying "no" to the offer of "don't you want seconds?" almost impossible. At 5, Donna McCollum explains how you can still eat your favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty about over-indulging.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor