Dietician at Nacogdoches diabetes health fair: you can still eat favorite holiday foods

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Next week we'll be eyeing a Thanksgiving spread which inevitably includes lots of delicious foods - dressing and all those desserts that make saying 'no" to the offer of, "Don't you want seconds?" almost impossible.

At a diabetes health fair held in Nacogdoches Thursday, East Texas News learned that you can still eat your favorite holiday foods without feeling guilty of over-indulging.

The timing couldn't have been better for Kathie Stott to stop in at the diabetes health fair. The fair was one week before Thanksgiving and a year after she learned that a family trait didn't pass her by.

"Diabetes runs in my mom's side of the family," Stott said. "Whole family is diabetic."

Stott is learning changing old eating habits isn't easy.

"I'm 55 years old," Stott said. "Now I have to change that 55 years into something totally different, and it's hard. It's really super hard."

Her first stop was with a dietician, and her first question dealt with her love for potatoes.

"What substitute do I need to be using?" Stott asked.

Dietician Marti Rodriguez had good news for her.

"You can still enjoy the high carbohydrate foods that you love," Rodriguez said.

The key for many East Texans is moderation. So listen up. The plate method applies to us all.

"You want a fourth of your plate to have your meats," Rodriguez said. "And the other fourth could have a starchy food, and then with the other half of your plate it's recommended to really focus on those non-starch, low-carbohydrate vegetables."

And if you want pie, go for it - in moderation, of course.

"You could leave off a couple of these and have that pie," Rodriguez said. "It's important to remember the food you eat can do all sorts of things to your body long after that one wonderful meal. That's why it's advised that you get periodic cholesterol checks."

A healthy lifestyle should begin at a young age, but it can be accomplished at any age. This thanksgiving Kathie is focusing on her family first, dinner second.

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