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Lufkin movie goers flock to late-night premieres of the final Twilight movie


Lufkin Twilight fans couldn't wait until sunrise to watch the final installment of the saga.

Breaking Dawn Part Two opens Friday but one Lufkin theater was packed Thursday night with fans ready to see how it all ends.

In November four years ago a love story between a teenage girl and a vampire captivated a generation.

"They're so good and they're addicting," said Jaycee McCaa, Twilight fan.

And the Twilight phenomenon hasn't slowed down since.

"It's the love story, team Edward," said Tashina Scott, Twilight fan.

Devout Twilight fans in Lufkin lined up as early as noon to watch their favorite saga come to an end."

"It's bittersweet I'm happy to see it ending, they say its going to be a little different from the book but I'm really sad about it," said Scott.

Whether they're rooting for team Edward or team Jacob, Twilight fans say there is something for everyone.

"It's like that Pepsi commercial, ‘romaction', little romance a little action," said Caleb Hendrick, Twilight fan.

For some the Breaking Dawn Part Two midnight premiere marks the end of a favorite tradition.

We always came here since the first one me and her and both our moms so we both went off to college, she's a sophomore and I'm a freshman and we both came back because we didn't want to break tradition," said Madison Summers, Twilight fan.

Much of movie's buzz is about Edward and Bella's new role as parents.

"It's going to be very intense, I guess you could say and the people that have been trying to destroy them the last couple movies they are going to try to take the baby," said Rineshia Williams, Twilight fan.

 Despite an era coming to an end, fans left pleased with the movie's epic ending.

"It was fantastic I wanted to cry, its going to surprise you, its not what you expect," said Ashley Tidwell, Twilight fan.

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