Tips to get your yard ready for winter

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - We might all be ready for winter and some cooler temperatures but is your yard ready?

It's that time of year to start prepping your yard for the winter months.

Expert gardener and owner of Timberland Nursery in Lufkin, Melvin Walker says there are just a few little things outdoor lovers need to do to make sure their yard and plants survive the cold.

The first step is to clean the leaves and clippings out of your yard and start cutting your grass a little thicker.

Walker says, "I'd cut it 5 inches, 4 inches tall and that protects it a little bit more."

Another one of the most important parts of winterizing is using the right fertilizer.
Walker says for, "Winterizing, you'd use a 5-20-20 which would take care through the winter. It's just a slow release, strictly straight to the roots to feed through the Winter to help grow."

Walker says now is the right time to mulch so you can protect your tree and plant root systems.
Something as simple as spreading a thick layer of mulch over your flower beds can help save your plants over the Winter.

Walker says "The mulch gives you a little bit more blanket to protect your ground for your roots."

In addition to mulching and fertilizing, Walker says you should always wrap your trees and shrubs with news paper and cloth if temperatures are going to drop below freezing.

If you're looking to plant something that will keep your yard colorful and vibrant all winter long,  Walker says American Holly Trees, Pansies and Snap Dragons are good cold-weather plants.