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Sniffing out love: Valley's first pheromone party


The newest dating fad has hit Phoenix - pheromone parties. Fascinations and Phoenix Mingles held the first one in the Valley at Scottsdale's Red Revolver Friday night.

At this party there are rules. You have to wear a T-shirt for three nights. During the day put the shirt in a bag and stick it in the freezer to preserve the smell. You can't wear any cologne, perfume, or body spray. Then show up and let the party begin.

"I'm here to find love just like anybody else," said partygoer Evan Roberts.But these folks are going about it a slightly different way.

"I said, 'Hey this sounds different, let's give it a try,'" Lori Harrison said

"Sniffing T-shirts sounds weird, but you know people will do anything for love," Roberts said. "I'm an adventurous person, I'll try anything once, even sniffing."

These partygoers are using their keen sense of smell to sniff out a mate.

"I mean, it has to be real, animals have that sixth sense or whatever it is, I think," Harrison said.

Attendees bring the shirt they've slept in and it gets assigned a number. Then they gather around the table of shirts and sniff away.

"Strawberries," Roberts said as he sniffed a shirt."They kind of smell the same," Harrison said.

Then they take pictures with the shirt that made them weak in the knees.

"Primitively pheromones had a really big role for us because it really helped with mate selection," said Dr. Shannon Chavez with the SHE clinic in Gilbert.

She said we can't see or even smell the pheromones, but we have receptors in our nose and mouth that pick up on them.

"Everyone's pheromones are different from another's," she said. "It's almost as unique as a fingerprint."

Chavez said it's good sometimes to shut off the cognitive party of chemistry and just get back to basics. It's smelly enough it just might work.

"Why is not as viable as love at first sight?" Roberts asked.

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