Free Thanksgiving meals for East Texans

Many are without a home this Thanksgiving and others are without family. East Texans like Royce Oliver who works at Godtel in Nacogdoches is welcoming any and everyone to have Thanksgiving dinner together so that no one feels alone.

"There's a lot of people that for various reasons are still needy that don't stay here that come in and eat, and a lot of them have people that they know that are shut-ins and stuff like that that we allow them to take a little food with them back to people," Oliver said.

Volunteers dedicate their Thanksgiving morning to serving the homeless and doing all they can to make them feel like they are part of a family.

Oliver said, "We usually get like 15 or 20 volunteers to serve on Thanksgiving. Usually we have to do two or three shifts so that everyone gets a chance to serve so many people."

Employees at Castle Pines nursing home make it their deed every holiday to spend time with the residents and make them feel like part of a family. "We do the traditional food and a lot of times activities does a little activity with them and we just celebrate because basically we are their family for that time," Shannon Grauel, Castle Pines Cook, said.

Residents like 90-year-old Shirley Wharff are grateful for the staff members who make sure no one feels lonely on thanksgiving. Wharff said, "They treat you as family. They all have families at home that they have to cook for or hurry home and have family dinner with but still make time."

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