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Smoked turkeys for the holidays


Greenberg Smoked Turkey has already sold close to 75,000 turkeys.

For the last six weeks Greenberg Smoked Turkey has been smoking turkeys to get ready for this Thanksgiving holiday.

"The turkey is already in the box. They're getting them off the meat hooks out of the smoke house and putting them in the boxes and getting them ready to go out," says Sam Greenberg with Greenberg Smoked Turkey.

It takes a total of four days make a Greenberg Smoked Turkey. A tradition that was started 73 years ago.

"We have been in business for 73 years. My father, this would have been his 73rd season, and it's like a tribute to him. People like what he did and like what we have continued to do over the years and it has become a traditional dish for Thanksgiving and the holidays," says Greenberg.

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