Workforce solutions hopes internet training will help applicants find jobs

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Workforce Solutions of Deep East Texasis helping job seekers increase their chances of being hired with an internetjob search tools class.

Officials say the majority ofemployers are posting their applications online and their goal is show thoselooking for employment how to use technology to their advantage.

"Everybody is not familiar withthe computer and they don't know how to manipulate and get the answers in butthe pro's of it all you can put in as many as you can put in, in a days time,"said Delois Flakes, Training Coordinator.

Training coordinator Delois Flakessays with so many web sites available it's important that applicants stand outand how they answer job questionnaires could make or break their chances.

"The employee wants to know that theytake their job as serious as they take it," said Flakes.

Workforce Solutions also offersclasses on resume building and interview skills.

Job seeker Keonna Maxie has takenthose classes and feels she is better prepared for her next job.

"Its something that will help mego on in life and better," said Maxie.

Flakes hopes that her students leave with abetter idea of where they want their career to go and she says having directionwill make the process of searching through jobs and applying easier.

"Just know what you want to do,know what you're really qualified for, don't just put in an application to beputting in an application," said Flakes.

"I made a decision to go to jobcorps and once I'm done with job core I'm going to go to college and make abetter life for my son," said Maxie.

Workforce Solutions hosts classesMonday, Wednesday and Friday in Lufkin and on Tuesday and Thursday in Nacogdoches.

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