Nacogdoches restaurant helps customers with Thanksgiving meal

Cotton Patch in Nacogdoches is just one restaurant catering Thanksgiving meals.

"Your dishes, our food. No one is the wiser," says manager Brittany Ferreira with a wink.

It's a little secret for a growing number of customers.

"We had 50 orders this year," said Ferreira.

Brittany and the crew began cooking the meals at five Wednesday morning. Prep work began on Monday.

As customers picked up their meals Ferreira said to each customer a cheerful, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Turkey  and all the trimmings are par baked, so customers still get that fresh aroma when the meal heats up.

The idea fits in for Florence Sibley who stopped by to pick up a pan of dressing.

"Usually my two magic words are 'fully cooked'", shared Sibley. "I got a smoked turkey breast, fully cooked. I ordered a honey baked ham that's fully cooked, so that's pretty much my recipe for Thanksgiving," Sibley said with a laugh.

The rising cost of food is another reason why more people are staying out of the kitchen. The Thanksgiving feast is costing consumers more. Your grocery bill adds up fast wen you take into account the ingredients and all those impulse buys.

The high price of corn to feed turkeys has driven up the cost of turkey.   The American Farm Bureau Federation reports a Thanksgiving dinner to feed a family of ten has gone up from $28.74 in 1986 to this year's $49.48.

"Since we do it on a larger scale we're able to buy bulk which makes it easier for us to have a good price point for our customers," explained Ferreira.

James Hill is treating a family that's been down on its luck to a catered meal they would have a difficult buying no matter who prepares it.

"Financially it helps them without any burden on themselves to have a nice meal," said Hill.

Christmas will be caterers next busy special occasion. Ms Sibley will probably be the first in line.

"Should I order for Christmas now?," she asked with a laugh.

Ferreira answered, "You can, but I prefer you letting me get through Thanksgiving."

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