Elderly woman egged wants justice

Jean Ward
Jean Ward

71-year-old Jean Ward can still remember that night as if it was yesterday.

"I'm still nervous at night. I hear all kinds of bumps and things you know that I never noticed before," Jean Ward said.

Jean was spending Halloween night with her grandchildren when an unexpected visitor showed up at her back door.

"We heard someone at the door so I got up and went to the door," Jean Ward said.

What happened next...Jean can't even believe.

Jean openned the door to what she thought were trick or treaters only to have eggs thrown into her face.

A man in a skeleton mask threw the eggs at Jean so hard it broke against the screen door splattering shell and egg yolk all over her kitchen floor.

"It was so scary and so unexpected and I was just frantic because I didn't know what I had gotten hit with. It was all over my face and from my hair down," said Jean Ward.

18-year-old Quaderius Whitt and 17-year-old Kevin Wayne Campbell were arrested by Grapeland Police on felony charges of injury to the elderly. Earlier this week, the district attorney dropped the charges stating there were no serious inflictions to Jean...something her daughter, Becky, disagrees with.

"Grapeland is a small community and we think that the kids need to know that this is unacceptable epecially where our elderly is concerned," said Becky Ward.

Becky says she doesn't want to ruin the boys lives with a felony charge, but would like justice.

"We're glad that they did not get felony charges that would ruin their lives. But we do think more needs to be done. We don't think it needs to be dropped," said Becky Ward.

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