TABC Raid at Nacogdoches Convenience Store

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission seized a large quantity of alcohol that was being sold illegally at a convenience store in Nacogdoches.

TABC had received a complaint that the Cash and Go on East Main, owned by Kashif Abassi, was selling alcohol to minors and selling without an alcohol permit.

When an informant was able to buy alcohol at the store, Agent Jeff Taylor served a search warrant. Several agencies helped to seize alcohol that filled up a pick-up, an SUV, and a car.

Taylor says the store had recently applied for a permit but was denied. Taylor also said the alcohol was in plain view, but there was a sign that said it couldn't be sold due to lack of a license.

Taylor said, "It wasn't something they were doing on a daily basis, it was a sporadic type of deal. One would be sold one day and someone would sell it when a couple of days would pass."

Taylor is still investigating why the store was denied a liquor license. He also says Abassi, the owner, will likely be charged with selling alcohol beverages without a license of permit.