Community members remind people the real meaning of Thanksgiving

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Many East Texans are taking time out of their holiday to give back to their communities and remind people of the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

It wasn't just all about sitting down to a great meal this Thanksgiving but for many it was about making sure everyone in East Texas had somewhere to go to share a meal.

Event Organizer at Little Zion Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, Helen Stagg says, "Well today we're having a Thanksgiving feast. We've invited all those people who don't have a place to go who would like to share a meal and fellowship with us."

Little Zion Baptist Church spent all morning cooking and plating food for those in their community who may not have a place to go.

Stagg says,"we're also making deliveries to people who are disabled, elderly, have no transportation so they've been calling in all week and we're now getting ready to go out and take meals and deliver to them."

Volunteers at Little Zion say it's important to let people know the community cares about them.
Stagg said, "we want to be a part of their life and we want to share so we don't think anyone should be alone at this time"

For the 2nd year in a row, Lufkin Community leaders have joined together at Brandon Park to share a meal and continue Thanksgiving traditions.

Volunteer, Walter Pride said, "people that don't have family need a place to go and enjoy themselves. We try to give back to the community and let them know that we are here to provide a family environment for them."

family and both new and old friends gather around the table for Thanksgiving, all are reminded of what they are most thankful for.

Christopher Wells said, "I'm thankful for the person that I am. I'm helpful."

Paula Hopson said "I'm thankful for family and friends and people like this who come together and take the time out of their day and do this for the community."

Bill Lackland said, "I'm just thankful mostly that I have my feet above the ground and not under the ground."

Walter Pride said, "I'm most thankful to be able to provide for the community, my family and the love for the kids."

Little Zion Baptist Church and volunteers at Brandon Park helped serve more than 350 people this Thanksgiving.

Both organizations hope to make their service to the community a tradition that will be passed down for generations