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Family loses possessions in Thanksgiving fire, still remain thankful

A fire burned through the roof of a Longview home Thanksgiving night.

It happened near the corner of Young and Houston Street in South Longview. Fortunately, no one was at the duplex at the time, and firefighters were able to contain the blaze.

We were with the residents as they salvaged what items they could.

Walter and Salendra Williams got a call around 7:45 p.m. that their side of their duplex was on fire. The Longview Fire Department kept the fire from spreading.

"They re-wired it but they didn't re-wire the rest of the top of the house. I guess those old wires just gave out. Luckily a neighbor looked out, and his lights went out. All our lights are hooked up I guess. He came out and saw sparks and called 911," Walter said.

Their children's room had a hole burned through the roof, and their clothes were smoke damaged.

"When the top fell in it just started burning the clothes," Walter said.

Their neighbor Gloria Jackson also had some smoke damage, but the fire didn't spread to her side.

A neighbor, Heber Patel, said his lights flashed and he was able to get some video as the fire was put out.

"We didn't get to eat all our turkey, either. But the main thing is we're all alive. That's the main thing. God was with us on that because we had just left the house," Walter thankfully said.

Even though many of their belongings are gone, the Williams still find reason to give thanks.

The Williams say they are staying at a hotel since their families are out of town. If you'd like to help this family out, contact the Longview Red Cross.

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