Plane crash aftermath

It started with Caleb Beames last night covering the plane crash in Cherokee County. Today, Maegan Prejean and Leigha Hughes are at the scene, where officials are trying to determine just what went wrong. Leigha will be live at 4 and 5 to describe what's going on at the scene. And Maegan will be live at 6 to describe witness accounts of the crash.

Today's being touted as "Giving Tuesday." And today we talk to a United Way chairman who has been nominated for a national position. Donna McCollum has that story at 6.

More than a year ago, fire destroyed thousands of acres in the Bastrop State Park. Today, Lufkin is making a contribution to restore those trees. Francesca Washington explains at 10.

Also at 10, Michelle Reed speaks to financial advisers about potential fears over the looming fiscal cliff.

An Oklahoma family is frantic over the disappearance of their pet. Why is this unusual? Well, it's a kangaroo! We'll tell you at 4 about the extremes to get her back.

It was a delivery unlike any other for a UPS employee. The worker and his wife helped deliver a baby in a transit station parking lot in the San Francisco bay area. It was quite the team effort that brought the baby girl into the world. More on that at 4.

Did you know that citrus fruit juice can accidentally cause you to overdose on prescriptions? Melanie Torre will explain that at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor