Victim gives graphic testimony in Lufkin sex assault of a child trial

Albert Haley (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Albert Haley (Source: Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In graphic detail, the now-15-year-old victim in the ongoing trial of Albert Charles Haley described to jurors on Wednesday what he did to her when he allegedly sexually assaulted her on Feb. 16, 2012. The alleged sexual assault took place after Haley had her drink and smoke drugs with him.

Lufkin Police officers arrested Haley at a house in the 800 block of South First St. in April 2012. According to the arrest affidavit, the victim told counselors at Harold's House. A victim's advocacy center, that Haley performed two sexual acts on her when she was 14.

On Wednesday, Haley appeared in the 217th Judicial District Court. He is charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child, each second degree felonies.

Prosecutor Lane Thompson told jurors Haley's actions completely destroyed his relationship with the victim.

The victim was the first witness to take the stand, and she told jurors that she lived with her mother, stepfather, and three younger sisters. At the time, both of her parents worked night shifts, and they paid Haley to watch the kids.

On February 16th, the victim's younger sister went to a Valentine's Day dance at Lufkin Middle School, and the victim was left at home with Haley and the two toddlers.

The victim said that she was cleaning when Haley came in the kitchen and grabbed a beer and a cup and went outside. The girl said he called her out to sit on the front porch with him.

When the victim went out on the porch with Haley, he asked her to drink, and she refused.

"The more I kept refusing, the more he wouldn't stop," the victim testified.

After Haley poured her two cups of beer, he told her to come inside, the girl said. She felt dizzy, and when she stood up, she dropped her phone.

The victim said Haley then took her into her sister's bedroom and into a bathroom. She described to jurors what looked like a homemade pipe that Haley told her to smoke.

"There was a pipe; he put a white pebble into the tube and put his cigarette lighter to it and melted it," the victim said.

The victim said Haley told her to hold it in as long as she could. In addition, he told her that it would relieve cramps and stress. After he smoked in the bathroom, Haley took her into the kitchen. There, the babysitter leaned next to the fire on the stove and lit the pipe.

The victim said Haley told her it would relieve cramps and stress.

"In the kitchen he put his mouth on my mouth and blew smoke from the pipe into my mouth," the victim said. "I got scared, and I thought I was going to fall on the floor right there and die."

The victim said Haley asked if she wanted to do anything else, and she told him no. Then Haley told her to "come here," and she followed him into her sister's bedroom. She said Haley sat on the bed and told her to take off her pants.

Because she was in a daze and felt disoriented and told jurors that Haley laid her on the bed, took off her pants, and performed oral sex on her, the victim said. In addition, he had sex with her twice.

The victim said the defendant told her she could take a shower once he was done. When she got out of the shower, Haley told her to act normal when her sister came back.

The next day at school she told her friend, and after school, she told her sister but didn't tell an adult.

"I was afraid no one would believe me because he was an adult," the victim said.

The victim told jurors that Haley asked if she told her sister, and she lied and told him no. She said Haley told her no one can find out because he could go to jail. When Haley asked her if she wanted to do it again, she said no.

"He smiled, told me he loved me, and walked away," said the victim.

During her testimony, the victim said Haley acted like nothing happened, but she was angry at him and lost respect for him. On April 9th, Haley and the victim got into an argument, and Haley told the victim's mother had talked back to him.

The next day, Kenya Freeman, a family friend was their house after school. The victim said that Freeman asked what was going on, but the she didn't say anything because Haley was in the house. The victim told Freeman later that night over the phone.

Defense attorney Rudy Velasquez says Haley was the primary caretaker for the girls.

"The family needed help with the four girls; they relied on Haley," Velasquez said. "He was at the house 20 hours a day."

Velasquez said that prior to the alleged incident Haley told the victim's mother that the two older girls were out of control and he couldn't take care of them anymore.

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