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Better East Texas: Randy McFarlin

By Pat Stacey

Whitehouse High School head foot ball coach Randy McFarlin is out of a job at the end of the school year.  And, it appears, he doesn't know why.  Coach McFarlin led the Whitehouse football team to a string of winning seasons including this year's inspired playoff run.  So the decision for him to leave was not based on a winning percentage.  There appears to be no simmering personal scandal and he has not been offered a job in another school district.  So the most common reasons for a possible leave have been eliminated.  Family sources say that coach McFarlin was told his contract would not be renewed and to announce his resignation if he wanted to coach this season.  But, according to McFarlin, he was not given a reason for the non-renewal.  Whitehouse school board members and the superintendent point to the technical point that McFarlin resigned and leave it at that.  The bothersome point is that you have someone who appears to have performed their job well but has been shown the door – which can certainly happen in today's world, but he claims he doesn't know why the change is being made.  It is one thing when employees and employers split and the conditions of the split are kept confidential but both parties know why the split happened and that doesn't seem to be the case with Randy McFarlin.  Privately, the school board or superintendent need to step up and give Coach McFarlin the reason, clearly and without question and then everyone can move on.  It will build some much needed confidence in the district leadership and will make for a Better East Texas.

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