Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches 11-29-12

La Carreta @ 3000 North Street: 11 demerits for employees needing lid & straw on drinks, dirty dishes with food left overnight, keep vents in food prep area clean, keep ice maker & kitchen equipment clean
Chili's Grill and Bar @ 1911 North Street: 10 demerits for not keeping ceiling vents & electrical cords clean, don't leave items in handwash sink, reclean and resanitize two spatulas, keep ice scoop in clean container
Burger King @ 2921 North Street: 3 demerits for not providing thermometers for all prep coolers
Asian City @ 2732 North Street: 14 demerits for not keeping foods stored off freezer floor, datemarking needed, recalibrate one thermometer, ice scoop in icemaker