Lufkin PD seeking 2 more burglary warrants for door-kick suspect

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two additional burglary of a habitation warrants are being sought by the Lufkin Police Department against Corey Lee Fleming. Fleming, who is considered a suspect in a string of door-kick burglaries, is currently being held in the Angelina County Jail in connection to three other burglaries.

"The investigation into the burglaries will continue, so that detectives may identify any other burglaries committed by Corey Fleming," a press release from the Lufkin Police Department stated.

Currently, Fleming, 42, of Lufkin is charged with three burglary of a habitation charges - all third-degree felonies, a parole warrant for delivery of a controlled substance, no driver's, and failure to yield right of way from a private road. Collectively, his bond has been set at $751,000.

The press release indicated that the LPD will be seeking warrants for the burglaries of residences located on Montclair Street and Summerset Drive. The Montclair Street burglary occurred on Oct. 19, and the Summerset Drive burglary took place on Oct. 4.

After the LPD arrested Fleming for traffic violations, the department began investigating Fleming as "a possible suspect in more than twenty burglaries that occurred between August and November of this year at residences located throughout Lufkin."

"The burglaries that we're seeking arrest warrants for could be classified as door-kick burglaries," Detective J.B. Smith, a spokesman for the Lufkin Police Department said in a previous story. "We're confident that Fleming is likely to be linked to more burglaries as the investigation continues."

According to a press release from the Lufkin Police Department, Fleming was arrested on Nov. 6 after a witness spotted him in the yard of a Champions Drive residence. Although Fleming fled on foot, the LPD established a perimeter and stopped Fleming's 2001 Mercury four-door car.

"Fleming was sweating profusely, his shoes and pants were wet from contact with the wet grass and shrubbery, and he refused to cooperate with the officers," the press release stated.

When Lufkin Police officers search Fleming's residence in the 1900 block of Pineburr Street, they recovered evidence linking him to at least one burglary. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Fleming for a burglary of a residence in the 200 block of York Drive that occurred on Sept. 9.

"Fleming denied involvement in any burglary, but an item found at his residence linked him to the York Drive burglary; the item had the victim's name on it," the press release stated. "Detectives seized other items from Fleming's residence for further investigation."

The two additional warrants were in connection to burglaries of residences on Templewood Lane and Summerset Drive. According to the press release, the detectives recovered jewelry linking Fleming to both burglaries.

They recovered two bracelets that were reported stolen in the Templewood Lane burglary, which occurred on or about Nov. 2. In addition, they recovered a high school football championship ring belonging to former Lufkin High School football standout Reggie McNeal, a former Cincinnati Bengals player who is currently a free agent with the Canadian Football League. The championship ring was reported missing as a result of the Summerset Drive burglary, which occurred on or about Oct. 5.

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