Fuel City to bring 160 jobs to Lufkin

It's not a Buc-ees, but it sure seems like it. Nestled right off Highway 59, this new travel destination is sure to please.

"Really, one of the things we like to say that we offer is a destination. It's a fun place to come to with a great atmosphere," Parker Benda, owner of Fuel City, said.

Father and son John and Parker Benda are the owners of Fuel City, otherwise known as "The Ranch of Downtown Dallas." After several years of searching for the best spot for their second location, the duo settled on Lufkin.

"We decided that we loved Lufkin because of the vibrant community and because the city was very pro-business and it seemed like a good fit," Parker Benda said.

Fuel City is more than a truck stop, it's an escape. The travel center will offer customers a Denny's restaurant, original fried pies, and the best tacos in Texas, which have been recognized by Texas Monthly and the Wall Street Journal.

Construction on Fuel City Lufkin began six months ago, and it is expected to open by the end of the year.

"We're really excited about the economic impact on Lufkin. One of the cool things are we're going to bring many jobs to the city. The store itself will have fifty associates working on our staff and the Denny's will staff about 110. So we plan on bringing 160 jobs to Lufkin," John D. Benda said.

The Denny's won't open until January 15th, but those wanting to apply there should keep an eye out for signs in the next week.

"We really want people to have fun. That's kind of our philosophy. It's not just going into a store, it's having a good experience," said John D. Benda.

Fuel City will offer its customers a western theme. Life-size metal longhorns will greet drivers as they come into the center's parking lot, and a windmill will be stationed in the back. The company expects to make over a million dollars in sales during its first year. Fuel City Lufkin is located at 1920 East Denman Avenue at the corner of Highway 59 and Highway 69 on the Southeast corner of the loop.

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