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Putting the 'Wonder Hanger' to the test

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Do you have a closet that's so messy you can't find half the wardrobe you own? Well there's now a product that promises to help you out by tripling the size of your closet! It's the 'Wonder Hanger' and this week I 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

The 'Wonder Hanger' comes in a box of eight hangers that hold five garments apiece. Assembly is required to attach the hangers on both ends that allow you to hang it on your garment bar. Assembly isn't easy! But once you get passed getting all the hangers installed you're ready to go.

I tested the 'Wonder Hanger' in my closet at home. I have two, and the one that was most cluttered was off limits because I can hardly enter it, but, I was able to use my secondary closet for the test.

After I installed the hangers on my garment bar I started loading them up with clothes. Shirts, slacks, suits and pretty much anything else I could hang. Once you get the five garments per hanger hung, you release one of the hangers from your garment bar and then the 'Wonder Hanger' drops down to let the clothes easily hang in place leaving you extra room for even more hanging clothes!

It's a pretty simple product and even more of a simple test. After all was done, I found the 'Wonder Hanger' does indeed leave you extra space in your closet.

You can find the product online for anywhere from $10 to $20, but with the 'As Seen on TV' offers, you'll receive extra bonus items like a complete second set of 'Wonder Hangers'. We purchased ours at a local store on clearance for just $3! So in my opinion, it's a bargain that overall stands up to its promise.


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